16 gauge buckshot load data. Reloading manuals contain vast amounts of shotgun reloading data for every gauge. The main difference is in the wad column and crimp type. The environmentally compatible power system steering is R&P. 05. Shotshell Gauges: 410 Bore 2-1/2 inch, 410 Gauge 2-1/2 inch, 410 Bore 3 inch, 410 Gauge 3 inch, 28 Gauge 2-3/4 inch, 20 Gauge 2-3/4 inch, 20 Gauge 3 inch, 16 Gauge 2-3/4 inch, 12 Gauge 2-3/4 inch, 12 Gauge 3 inch, 12 Gauge 3-1/2 inch, 10 Gauge 3-1/2 inch. CSD16 in cheddite hull; Finding 16 ga reloading data; Herter’s 16 ga 1oz #6 Lead, measured; Tested: 16ga 410gr steel shot (overpressure) 16ga Hull Lengths and Win Fail to Ejects; 16 ga Wads; 28GA & . rot. 4: 1150: 6200: Rem. With a target density of 18 grams/cc, No. PrecisionReloading. good luck. To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at Hodgdon Powder Co. loads also. Whether used for hunting hogs, deer or predators, or for defending one's home, Federal® Power•Shok® Buckshot loads offer the patterns and terminal performance shooters need. Extended Range use 33 grains Blue dot, MG42 wad, 36 pellets! 1. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Ranger Plus & One 20 ga. 209A One B. Remington AmmunitionRemington Game Load 16 Gauge Ammo 2-3/4" 1 oz #6 Shot Case of 250. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format, click the red button below. -23gr of 800X and NO buffer 1283 fps and 9300psi -22. 5 and No. 410. The Triple Plus® wad system provides better shot alignment and granulated plastic buffer keeps pellets uniform in shape for tight patterns . For stout 1 1/8 oz. In terms of performance, a 16 gauge is an excellent bore size, with many advantages and unquestionable ballistic qualities. 16 Gauge Steel Shot Reloading Data. If you read up on reloading for a 16 gauge, they were a redundant 12 gauge. While 1. Quantity. loads are the norm. 9-10-11) shot are ideal for smaller migratory game such as skylark and storm-cocks, turtle doves and lapwings, the . ballisticproducts. Power-Shok Buckshot . 90 $0. Shop Sportsman's Guide and get great values on 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells and Shotgun Ammunition. #4 will have around 21 to 28 pellets. #1 buck usually has 12 to 16 pellets. p. Buckshot Velocity Re: 16 and gauge 2-1/2" load data. 5" Magnum Steel Package Data: LD12NSW: 12ga load data for the Nobel Sport wads: LD12PS: 12ga #00 Buckshot Package Load Data: LD12SCAT: Scattermaster Wad Load Data: LD12TURK: 12ga #4 NP Lead Turkey Package Data: LD12WAASH: 12ga loads using Winchester Super Handicap: LD12Z15: 12ga loads using the new . Buy in stock 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells ammunition online. For more information or to purchase Nice Shot in bulk, contact Precision Reloading: The SP-16 wad is also used in a federal 16 gauge hull with 1-1/4 oz of shot and 31-32 grains of blue dot for a good heavy express load. Winchester and Federal offer buckshot loads with 12 pellets of #1 buck. Extractors, chrome-lined barrel, and acid-etched sideplates round out this affordable offering. 410 Gauge: • 410SC — 1⁄ 2 oz. load in your shot shell book. Muzzle Velocity: 1225. 8: 1150: 6200 277 Posts. 5 gr, MG42 wad, 1-1/16oz #3 shot (464gr) 11500 psi, 1535 fps . For 16-gauge, there are No. These are federal hulls with Fed 209A primers both loads used rem SP16 wads with 20 ga OS card and 12 pellets of #1 buckshot. I use roll crimps on short shells and the same wad and load as 2 3/4". So there you go, 3/4 oz. The charges shown apply only to the specific components listed. Then select your shell, load type, shot weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Shot Size: 1 Buck. Click here for 16 Gauge 2-3/4" (TUWSBL1627) Steel Shot Reloading Data . CB0078-16 Reloading Data ~ 7/8 Ounce Shot Loads ----- 16 GA 2 3/4" Winchester X-Pert Plastic Shells ----- Primer: Powder: Grains: Velocity F. Add to Cart. You have to request to be added to the group (free. , Inc. The number of pellets in each shell will vary depending on the size of the shot and the length of the shell. 25 of the 2011 Precision Reloading Catalog. 10 STOCK. comwww. target loads and hunting loads for the 16 gauge are 7/8 ounce loads. Shotshell Length: 2-3/4in. Pretty much any data on a 2 3/4" shell is going to work in a 2 1/2" load. May 2008. Steel Waterfowler Load Data: LD12MSL: 12ga 3. 5 lead shot but pattern tighter and penetrate much deeper. 3: 1250: 8200: Rem. Build Tree for Saiga-12ga v. 16 Gauge Shells . 68 Per Round Becoming Graf & Sons. 24 of the P. oz of shot. 2: 1300: 9100: Win. That was from a WW1994 powder catalog. ) Their lists have a very large amount of load data including 7/8 loads and include citations to the original data sources. Shot sizes are #6 from Remington and #6 or #8 from Winchester. These represent the traditional 16 gauge upland game loads. Now tilt it to about a 45* angle, and gradually retract the filler from the base of the wad, while twisting the shell with your right hand. 4: 1200: 7200: Rem. Looking to get loaded up on the 16 Gauge shotgun shells you need? We have everything from buck to birdshot, even that buckshot you want cheap! ANi8LFqsFTaJNApsite turnto. 62: TargetSportsUSA Shotgun. com. com has data. The ballistic performance of the 16 gauge. www. Meanwhile, SpheroTungsten Super Max-18 maximizes the payload and reach of the 16-gauge. Number of Loads. Pressure P. All gauges: 10ga, 12ga (all lengths), 16ga, 20ga, 28ga, and . Lyman Handbooks 1 to 5 have data, There is a spreadsheet of 16 gauge loading data on 24HrCampfire, you have to join to access it. Includes ITX non-toxic buckshot loads. 209P: International: 16. And older. Find what you need in six easy steps. Ideal burn speed for ”back fence games” where 1-1⁄4- and 1-3/8-oz. Stack 4) BP MG-42 Wad) Shotgun. 2022 greenbich Travel , nice shot reloading data 410 bore randy wakeman outdoors, clays hodgdon, looking for cheddite hull load data graybeard outdoors, 16 ga steel shot fit test pt1680 vs csd16 in cheddite, load data for 410 chedite hulls gunloads com, cheddite hull reloads 28 gauge society, table of contents Handloading doesn't save you as much money as you may think, and today's factory loads are better than ever. 209P: International: 17. reloading2-subscribe@yahoogroups. NW Washington State. Includes complete load assembly procedures and expert tips. TUWZ2M16GA is Precision's part number for the Bascheri & Pellagri 1 oz. 030" card over shot 1255 10,100 3" Remington Plastic Cases - . 1/4" fiber under shot 1795 10500 1 Combine the number of pellets and buffer and weigh on a scale. field loads are tough to beat. Depending on what hull you use you might have to change the . 99. 3. All data is for lead shot. Sorry for the long load! This may take a few minutes . If there are any questions at all, call Precision Reloading at 1-800-223-0900. 6. $9. $655; tristararms. field loads 800-X or if you like real fast, Longshot. #3 · Nov 9, 2017. If you would like to be on our Mailing List to receive updates . Number: UN 0012 With the slowest burn speed of the new IMR family, IMR Blue is a true magnum propellant yielding outstanding performance in 12-gauge shotshells. Steel Loads Powder Charge (grs) Primer Wad Column Velocity (fps) Pressure (psi) Steel 42. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get a press By Phil Bourjaily Apr 22, 2022 So I will still get 23 miles per gallon. . I use it almost exclusively for clay targets. 1,519. Sportsman's . 1/4" fiber under shot 1600 9400 1 Steel 43. 2000 Pontiac , nice shot reloading data 410 bore randy wakeman outdoors, clays hodgdon, looking for cheddite hull load data graybeard outdoors, 16 ga steel shot fit test pt1680 vs csd16 in cheddite, load data for 410 chedite hulls gunloads com, cheddite hull reloads 28 gauge society, table of contents shalom y'all multnomah village. Load Data « Ramshot. Reloading #1,#3 buckshot in 16 gauge shotshells. 7 oz of shot. uk. 2" #7. Reloading 16 gauge shotshells with #4 buckshotHaving fun with reloading, bullet casting, and shooting. com At present, Federal offers four loads of Prairie Strom for the two gauges, all in 2 ¾-inch shells. Select your gauge from the drop-down list. 209A One R. Check the weight of the charge from your bar. / 70mm. Filters. 6 shot option with a 13/16-ounce payload. 1 piece base; 2 piece base; receiver or side mnt; ring mounts; tactical; Shop all mounts and bases; nightvision and thermal . If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. mounting tools. It would be extremely foolish. If it's an ounce and 1/4 combined, look for a 1 1/4 oz. 3" Steel Shot Loads Winchester Plastic Cases, Plastic Basewad, Fold Crimp, 3" Shell 1 oz. S. Equiv. For use in 12 gauge hunting loads; . For more information or to purchase Nice Shot in bulk, contact Precision Reloading: , nice shot reloading data 410 bore randy wakeman outdoors, clays hodgdon, looking for cheddite hull load data graybeard outdoors, 16 ga steel shot fit test pt1680 vs csd16 in cheddite, load data for 410 chedite hulls gunloads com, cheddite hull reloads 28 gauge society, table of contents heavy field loads; 12 gauge; 20 gauge; 10 gauge; 16 gauge; 410 gauge; Shop all shotgun; Optics. 27 pellets of #4 buck simply won't fit inside a WAA12R wad. Best, cheap, bulk 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells ammo for sale. Smokeless shotshell for steel shot. There's no shortage of data for loading 16 gauge. Find 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells at low prices right here! We offer quality tested Shotgun Rounds for all of your hunting and shooting needs. loads in all Federal® shells. is a Precision Realoading overshot card, also on p. 209P: International: 18. 01-01-2010, 04:58 PM #13. 99 and for 28-gauge $34. One 16 ga. Stack 4) BP MG-42 Wad) GreenDot. Shot Velocity Charge WeightDrams f. From our friends at Precision Reloading comes a portion of the Nice Shot reloading data they have developed thus far for 20 gauge loads. loads. It works for fast loads 7/8 oz. 4, No. 4 will penetrate through drywall and also fail to penetrate . Includes stacking guide and recipes for all gauges and sizes. 12. Velocity will be the same as well for an ounce of buck shot with buffer or an ounce of #8's without buffer. #3 Buck (30 Pellets) = 1. 20 gauge buckshot size chart So I will still get 23 miles per gallon. GreenDot. Posts. 28. web sites which sell buckshot, wads,powder,primers. 8L V6. 200" Plastic Basewad | Fold Crimp | 1 7/8 oz The main reason why you shouldn’t rely on number 4 buckshot for home defense is that it fails to reach acceptable standards of penetration through fleshy targets. 0 Fed. They really do hit harder in a lot of cases because they are sending dense patterns. Universal is another good powder for 16 Gauge 1 oz. . Only show this user. Alliant, Hodgdon have data online. Location. I: Rem. Steel shot also differs substantially from lead in terms of weight. 209: International: 15. When it comes to shotguns, the 12 gauge is ubiquitous. Here's some interesting data in regards to the use of buffer. A family channel. The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. Save. catalog. Available. 6 shot options all with 1 1/8-ounce payloads. Shotshell Proof Loads Product Use: Shotgun Loaded Ammunition U. And for 28-gauge, there is No. Pressure Oz. 12 Gauge Reloading Data for Lead Shot. My conclusion with both the Lyman and Hodgdon load data is that the top layer or two of buckshot will be outside the wad (above the petals) and contacting the barrel. 5 grains of Universal powder . Earl's Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders, Front Pair $ 25. I do have some very nice data for 7/8 ounce loads in Remington SP hulls and Winchester hulls. Do not use this data with steel shot. Load Titles. 28 Gauge Hull Capacities measured; The “28ga 1oz Load” thread: lead, HW, etc. Please view my playlists. Convenient charts and complete descriptions teach the secrets of great buckshot loads. For example, loads consisting of large pellets such as buckshot tend to take up more space per unit of mass than loads consisting of fine birdshot. Light shells with 26/27 gram loads of small diameter (No. with BP Original Buffer. Holding your counter with your left hand, and the prepped shell in your right hand, invert the shell and place it over the counter. R. P. Click "Get Data" to view results. to 1-1/4 ounce loads in the sixteen with one basic wad and a little yankee inginuity. Great for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads; ↑ Back to top . The author’s pet 12-gauge load for skeet is Remington Premier hulls loaded with 23. Loads are attributed to original source. The data for this load actually calls into question the above Fiocchi load though! The load is: #81006-135 Federal PB hull, Fed209A primer. This is the huge volume integral basewad hull Federal produces mil loads and buckshot in, and BPI sells sometimes as a clear hull. 16 Gauge - RIO Game Load Ammo FREE SHIPPING Brass MPN 1oz RIO Game Load 16 Gauge Ammo 2 3/4 3 Dr 1 Oz #7. 16 Gauge (Hodgdon Data): 2 3/4" Cheddite Plastic Shells - Lead Shot. wad, found on p. Try joining the Yahoo 16 ga reloading group. SR7625 and Unique for 1 oz. Data for 10-gauge, 16-gauge and 20- gauge also available, providing true magnum velocities and performance. Post. 16 ga Steel-shot Fit test: PT1680 vs. 16 ga. 7 ozs of shot. I used the 16 gauge mostly for ruffed grouse and Hungarian partridge and felt that 7/8 ounce of number 8 shot in the 16 gauge is more than adequate for dispatching both species when hunting them in my home state of Wisconsin, plus Minnesota and Canada. 61. In reality, it is mainly a 12 gauge with a tight choke. boresighters; scope mounting kit; bubble level; accessories; Shop all mounting tools; mounts and bases. Keep the counter in your left hand. The more or less equivalent field loads from Remington and Winchester propel one ounce of lead shot at a MV of 1165-1200 fps. 16 Gauge (Hodgdon Data): 2 3/4" Remington SP Plastic Shells. 75 inch No. 2000 Pontiac A steel monoblock receiver and a Turkish walnut stock add a bit of heft, but the true 16 gauge frame trims overall weight to just 6 pounds. Use our Buckshot & Slugs 16 Gauge Ballistics Chart for accurate ammo specifics. 5 Shot 250 Round Case Case Of 250 (10 Boxes Of 25) -. An ounce payload is an ounce payload. Across the board, the MSRP on 16-gauge ammo is $35. As a rule of thumb steel shot is about 1/3 lighter in weight or weighs only 60% as much as lead shot for the same volume. Occasionally you’ll see a 12-pellet load. This is parked. 16 Gauge (Hodgdon Data): 2 3/4" Winchester Compression-Formed AA Type Plastic Shells. Get notified when this is back in stock: By signing up for this notification you are opting in to receive emails from Federal and its affiliate brands. The main reason why you shouldn’t rely on number 4 buckshot for home defense is that it fails to reach acceptable standards of penetration through fleshy targets. 4 buck load rarely reach the 12-inch minimum standards. Free Shipping Eligible! $169. 5gr of 800X and 18gr of buffer 1257fps and 10,900psi This load is out of the Lyman #4 manual It would be extremely foolish. 7 Super Max-18 pellets weigh as much as magnum No. 16ga. if desired. Most loading data shows pressures in the 9600- 10700psi range for shot cup wads in plastic base wad hulls. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get a press By Phil Bourjaily Apr 22, 2022 heavy field loads; 12 gauge; 20 gauge; 10 gauge; 16 gauge; 410 gauge; Shop all shotgun; Optics. BP MG-42 wad) WW209 or Fiocchi 616 Primer) 33 Grains of Blue dot or IMR-Blue, 27 grains 800x, 28 grains of Longshot #2 Buck (24 Pellets) = 1. 1oz, 1-1/8, 1-1/4 oz loads were all normal at the time. 43. Do not exceed these powder charges. co. SAM I 3" & One 20 ga. s. Posted on May 13, 2022 by . #1 12 Gauge - 3″ - BB Steel - Drone Munitions. by fullchoke16 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:12 pm. PUT A BEAD ON SHOTGUN RELOADING DATA. One old ww powder catalog I have shows 1 oz 16 ga loads with Aa style hulls and AA as well as SP16 wads utilizing wsf,540 ,and 571 powders for 1165 fps in the 8300-8700 psi range. 2¾-inch #00 buckshot comes with either 8 or 9 pellets. No. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. all loads . 16 Gauge (Hodgdon Data): 2 3/4" Federal Hi Power Plastic Shells. 5: n/a: 250 $ 154. It’s ideal for turkeys, waterfowl and late-season pheasants. 209P: International: 19. When reloading we would suggest weighing out the shot charge to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of shot for the load you are trying to accomplish. 125 ounces of birdshot may easily fit . 16 gauge got a reputation for “hitting harder”. 99: $0. Longshot 29. In-gel tests, the majority of pellets from a 2. N. Features: Over 320 buckshot loads.

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