Bts reaction to you being sassy. 1. You could hear his voice cracking as he tried to tell you to take him back . “I don’t care. 11 Times BTS’s Jimin Proved He’s The King Of Being Sassy. When you began to cry it would make him feel extremely upset, he really just wanted you to feel happy and confident. He’s THE SUGA. #bts imagines. Taehyung: His eyes would grow wide when he saw your naked form. Min Yoongi (Suga) Yoongi would look at you like a deer in headlights. You took a small deep breath then walked closer to him “I love you a lot and I don’t want to fight with you like at all. BTS REACT TO YOU FALLING ASLEEP ON THEM (25 days of Bangtan: Day 2) NamJoon: 2 episodes into Supernatural, you had fallen asleep on NamJoon’s lap. You tried to hold back a laugh at the way Taehyung discreetly flipped him off and walked to the kitchen. instagram. Check out a few instances when his sassy sense of humour was the talk of the town. -You’re so cute when you wana cuddle. (If you are Korean, pretend you moved to another city). When all the boys entered the room, they were woo-ing at the couple but Taehyung shush them immediately and pointed at you. I’m sorry but you can’t out-sass the sass-master. He wouldn’t be offended though - he just want to prove his point. Kim Seokjin (Jin) After you had showed your sassier side to him he looked at you in surprise. Hoseok: Are you . He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. But he wouldn’t want to ask you about it unless it seemed to really be bothering you. He’d repeatedly check his phone to see if you had responded. Originally posted by dont-touch-my-faceuh. J-Hope: Total. You two clicked the moment you met and ever since then, you have been inseparable. Originally posted by jjks. 4 - if you’re under him, you aren’t getting over him. Jung kook: Little shy bun. The wolf in him growling in satisfaction as your scent reached his nose. “Well I guess you won’t be getting any more kisses today. He didn’t necessarily think you could play the villain role considering how sweet and kind you were, but regardless he would still be glad. Instantly, you kissed back, holding the side of his face. “ Come here~ ” he would embrace you into a tight hug as you instantly felt warm because of his body heat. Not to even mention a less handsome guy. After you said no, he’d get all blush-y and embarrassed that he would expect you would, then just blow it off as if you looked familiar to him. “That’s my Y/N! Search: Bts Reaction To You Being Sassy. He wondered if it was shallow to fall in love with someone because of their voice but he realized he didn’t really care. GOTTA GO. Just because there was certain comments passing by . When you run up and slap his behind he would laugh before running after you to get you back. Originally posted by kinglywomen. 1 - BTS reaction, when they have to choose between you and food. I will miss all of you. During the award show you sat next to Jin at the round table which was packed with the rest of the members and their particular plus one. ” Originally posted by ciutae Jin: Is 200% done with . Because of the sleeveless top you were wearing you could feel the coldness of the floor hit your skin so you rolled over to your boyfriend’s side. You had your headphones in while you watched youtube on your phone. I believe that it would make him think that you’re even cuter. Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs. He would ask. So shy and humble for someone as big as you. “This was a set date. After you tell him that you are so stressed because of university work he . This would result in you two going back and forth to see who had the stronger attitude. He would pull you into a hug, and would hold you until you stopped crying. You gave her an evil glare, staring her down . “Come on, wake up. Taehyung had no complaints to you showing him what you were up to he just wasn’t expecting you to be an underground rapper, and an undefeated one at that when it came to rap battles. He'd live for your moans and whimpers, only thrusting his fingers harder and deeper when you shake from the feeling of your orgasm. Then he’d meet up with you and hold you close when you told him why. From the moment that he saw you walk in with your friends, your smile took his breath away. “your work can wait, now pay attention to . JIN: Being an older hybrid jin had urged you to adopt one of the younger hybrids. he would tell you in your face that he wants to cuddle and if jimin wants to cuddle, he gets what he want, even if your busy he would start pouting and whining for you to notice him and he won’t stop until you finally give in and give him what he wants. Not wanting the boys to disrupt your sleep, he slowly got up from the floor, one hand supporting your bum while one on the floor to push himself up. EXO reaction to coming home to see you crying on the floor because your mum called saying that your childhood pet got killed or needs to be put down. “Are you being serious right now, Jungkook?”, you scoffed, feeling your eyes well up already which only stoked your anger. We all know he's a freak so he'd whisper dirty things in your ear while his thumb rubs intense circles onto your clit with a smirk as you try to make our real words and sentences. His reaction would be somewhat small as he’s . Originally posted by yourdailyjungkook. You began to defend yourself while Jongin stood behind you giving the man threatening looks. BTS ‘s Jimin is the definition of sassy. ”He just doesn’t know when to stop,”he said . EXO reaction to when you wake up after giving birth to yours and his child. They Finger You. Wolf!BTS Reaction to finding their mate . Ahn Hwan The maknae of the group, an angel. # bts. NAMJOON: Namjoon wouldn’t get upset with you for yelling at him. Jungkook. Luhan- “Since I’m in a good mood today, I won’t punish you as I usually do baby girl” Originally posted by meiren-menglu. You ignore it for two minutes and then you receive a call. He says, pulling you closer to him. Perhaps even through the next day with short breaks in between. I’m actually super excited for this one coz I’m an extremely sassy and sarcastic person so leggo~ Requests opened! Genre: Comedy Master list ~ Kim Namjoon Originally posted by parkjimin--bts “What’s going on babe?” You ask moving yourself closer to Namjoon and sitting on his lap. The two of you finally had a moment of peace and quiet; no schedules, no work, no school - just time shared in each other’s presence. “Aiiish (Y/n) how long do you plan to . But something told you to ignore his pleas and take him instead. If he ever saw you – I guess he wouldn’t be intimated neither anything else. Tae would start whining and stomp his feet on the ground like a small child arguing back ‘till the sun goes down that he doesn’t have a small dick. Slowly, almost in a trance, he lets the sound lead him to where you are. -Come here babe. DK: I honestly feel like he would probably just try to make even more jokes out of you being sassy. Cypher Part 1 came on and you were so pumped from the first beat, jumping up from the couch to start rapping to the lyrics perfectly, oblivious to the fact that the front door . He would try to stay by your side as much as possible to avoid letting you get overwhelmed by personalities like V and J . You had to wake him up for a dentist’s appointment for your nine year old daughter so you decided to mess with him to wake him up but your daughter had a better idea. “Wake up daddy~". Yoongi Search: Bts Reaction To You Being Sassy. EXO reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time. BTS REACTION WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO DO IT BUT YOU TELL THEM YOU’RE VIRGIN Namjoon would get super excited about you and your daughter came in to wake him up and she called you daddy. He was cheering for you the entire time you were on stage, his voice as hoarse as yours by the end of the performance. Seventeen vocal unit reaction to you being sassy. “You know what, I’m gonna go cuddle RJ, since you replaced me I’ll replace you. He’s fully capable of dancing all night if you’re up to the task. BTS: Caught Cheating on You. Jimin retorted . Originally posted by jimiyoong. Words: 998. This cuddly boy won’t care if you’re sick, he’ll be by your side 24/7, helping you with absolutely everything. Then Taehyung texts you. EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible. Jimin: You were laying on the couch, listening to some music on your phone through your earphones as you waited for Jimin to come home, so you could go on your date. 4- 20K views Omfg this is so cool. When you slap his butt he would just smile shyly “What are you doing?”. He probably practices them in his free time. Yoongi: He wondered if it was shallow to fall in love with someone because of their voice but he realized he didn’t really care. Especially around him. ”. Seokjin. You put your head on his shoulders and watched the computer screen, he turned around and smiled brightly looking at you. Beside you, two hands tugged at both of your legs, pulling you away. “Y-yes, that’s me. Jimin would relate to you a lot, so he wouldn’t judge. It’s your fault for not treating her right and now you’ve realized your idiotic mistake but it’s to late,”Tae said looking him straight in the eyes. He’s confident, cheeky, and gives the most hilarious reactions when he doesn’t agree with what’s happening! Here are a few moments he showed this adorable and precious side of himself that ARMYs can’t get enough of seeing. You’re gonna get sick too. it was love at first sight. He would take a few moments to calm down before crawling into bed next to you and holding you gently. Jimin. “Whats poppin’ Garden Gnome. “ Im cold. Jin: He’d be very happy for you and pretty impressed. “Y/N” he said again as he started to snap his fingers at you but still, you gave him no reaction. Warning: Smut! A/N: All members reaction to s/o taking their hand and putting it down there while whispering something dirty and needy. Will definitely do that deep dip they do in the movies just to gaze lovingly at you before bringing you up to sway slowly to any sort of music that’s playing. You raise an eyebrow as you recognize them, realizing they were the same girls who had been eyeing your boyfriend for weeks as he waited for your shift to end every Friday. “Tae, you can’t keep doing this. BTS Reaction: You Kiss In Front Of Your Child. He knew without any doubt— you were his mate. Hesitantly, you pick it up and greet him, your voice sounding more tired than usual. He put you on his lap and hugged you thightly, kissining your face and making you giggle. It wouldn’t really phase him and it definit PREPARED. He stepped forwards, pressing his lips softly onto yours. He’d take videos of himself doing dumb and cute things, saying how much he loved you. It wouldn’t really phase him and it definitely wouldn’t make him love you any less. He knew of the crush you had on him, but never wanted to indulge on it. BTS Reaction to finding your ideal type. “why did you do that? y/n i told y-” he started as you held his box of items, the two of you strolling towards your car. You two are of the same age and studying at the same college, but Misun will major in Marketing. Originally posted by jins-kiss Namjoon About You Reaction Bts Sassy To Being Jin: I can imagine him getting flustered and pouty. He blinked blearily for a few moments then gave you a lazy smile, “I didn’t think you’d smile after the end of a nap. The boys soon saw your sassy side and were quite scared to cross you but it would always make them laugh as you were basically a girl version of Yoongi. It hangs around him, catching him in its embrace – the sweetest voice he’s ever heard. Genre: Fluff. kim taehyung: taehyung loves kids and everyone knows this. While we already know that nobody can say the funniest of things with the straightest of faces much like V, his sassiness is . He'd be a lot . It wouldn’t really phase him and it definit Search: Bts Reaction To You Being Sassy. “Come on y/n, don’t show off, it’s unattractive. Bts reaction to you being flustered. Later when you don’t expect it he would just lightly tap your butt and act like he didn’t do anything. ” It’s the smile that catches him most off guard. Next thing you knew, Taehyung’s hands were up your shirt and his lips were attached to your . ” you murmured as you snuzzled your face in his chest. BTS: Reaction to you speaking your native language. And there you are. Originally posted by jingifs. BTS reaction to you being needy. Originally posted by comeherejimin. You wanted to surprise him, come home early from work and spend some quality . He is Mr. Summary: BTS reacts to you falling asleep with you head in their lap. “Y/NI can’t do this anymoreplease just take the medicine. I had to make a reservation weeks in advance and it was still difficult to get us a good table. +. Kris- “Wanna play that game? I’ll play it, but beware I will roast you in the oven” Originally . Seokjin: He couldn’t keep his eyes off you. The sight of you in just his shirt was irresistible but Seokjin being the gentleman he was, waited until after you ate before making a move. Jin: I can imagine him getting flustered and pouty. His whole body would freeze as he caught site if you. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. BTS Reaction to You Being Distant. Heyyy, Hana! I love ur blog so much <3 <3 can i request maybe “bts react” when you tell ‘em that ur a virgin, when things start to heat up And wish u a wonderful day :3 . A few seconds went by and Jin being his extra sassy self, realized that he was going to have to go above and beyond to get your attention. His frown would grow when he realized you still hadn’t. ‘I understand now jagi, I’m . The source of the haunting sound. But don’t worry, his planned activities were pretty relaxing too Seventeen vocal unit reaction to you being sassy BTS Reaction to Being Shipped With You He would be speechless until he started to sass you back You guys would hike in nearby mountains, probably go scuba diving multiple times, rent boats (either tours or just your own boat to explore in . How your mouth slightly parts . He’d try to keep it so that you didn’t know what he did for a living. 3 - BTS reaction, when you call them oppa for the first time. The color of your skin marked you as a foreigner, but he didn’t care about that. his hair fell over his forehead perfectly and his captivating eyes immediately locked with yours. “Yeah, but your accent is adorable,” he said, getting up with a sigh. He would intertwine his fingers with yours and slowly try to ease you into the conversation. Jin: Jin is secretly really good at twice songs. He’d also be low-key jealous, and he’d tease you about it. Not just cause I wanted to use this gif really badly. Anon asked: Bts reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date. Hoseok quickly reacts by coming to your aid. He would wait until you calmed down a little bit and then ask you. When he noticed that you were too focused on the way your ex was staring at you, he jumped into action. Kim Taehyung. ♥Jin: Don’t get him wrong, he found it adorable that you were confident with your first language and he didn’t mind listening to the conversations you had with your mom, but when your attention drifted off of him for too long he’d get irritated. BTS Reactions - taking care of them, but being insecure. He was in a live stream and frowning a little bit. Jin / Kim Seokjin. Rap Monster: He had been arguing with you for over an hour, and although he had remained calm he was finally losing his patience. He scrambles to get up. I want to take care of you as much as I can Hobi. BTS reaction to them and y/n learning a twice dance. You turned your head towards him ready to come back with a sassy remark but your throat suddenly turned dry as you properly laid eyes on his -still wet- toned body. You thought you knew that. Seokjin . ” he said, trying to keep his childish smile at bay, he walked away with a ‘hmph’ sound and went to his . He’d help you get everything you needed, and when the boys would pick on you because of your tiny height, he’d get defensive and tell them off. com/hindsbro/Facebook:. He smiled and held your face, “I get that, You’re so adorable. I skipped lunch for this and am not in the mood to argue with you right now. So when he saw his chance, he took it. BTS Reaction to You Being a Villain in a Drama/Movie. Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: Hi, can you do a BTS reaction where their gf is sick and does not want to take the medicine so they fight. J-Hope. At first, he couldn’t tell if you were joking by the smile on your face, but the seriousness in your eyes makes him think that you’re legit serious about him calling you his hyung/noona. JIMIN : Originally posted by jiminsmagicshop. He also loved the fact he didn’t have to worry too much about you when he was away as he knew you were perfectly capable of looking after yourself. From teasing his members to roasting ARMY, the BTS singer is truly a force to be reckoned with. taehyung was at there to help the kids even . WORDS. He pulled you away from the booth and made you dance with him, making sure you were turned away from your ex so you couldn’t see him but he could. Hoseok: “I love you (Y/N) and I know you love me too break up with that guy and come back to me,”Hoseok read the text on your phone. A/n: more spook more spook more spook. As you entered the kitchen your eyes widened at the sight of four of the boys – Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin and Tae – with overstuffed mouths and a half-empty . 36 notes. Jin. Bang! In a desperate motion to reach your office his leg clashes with the arm of his chair. While Min Yoongi aka Suga is hands down the most savage member of BTS, V comes a very close second with his sassy humour. He would place a kiss on your forehead and rub over your shoulder. 2- I didn't want to make most of my reactions romantic because it would get boring after a while "Well I guess you won't be getting any more kisses today Rap Monster: He'd be low-key impressed but at the same time embarrassed AF Ice cream is kryptonite The two of you had gone out on a cute date at the park, which of course included two ice cream cones . He was there with some school friends who were far too drunk for him already. You warn, trying to push him away. Your eyes are suddenly flickering with light, dancing and playing, as your cheeks dimple and your nose scrunches. Originally posted by cutesy-kyungsoo. Taehyung. He would be hella impressed because, hello, the boy can barely bend over and touch his toes. As he walked into the house, his eyes first fell on you, bringing his arm around your waist. INACTIVE — Seventeen vocal unit reaction to you being sassy. #bts reaction. You were walking to your destination when a man stopped you and was being extremely rude. Kyungsoo: You were deadly calm in handling the fan that started insulting you over your relationship with Kyungsoo. You had just begun to wash the dishes when he suddenly reached over you to shut the tap off. Jimin: Jimin would be understanding , but really like Namjoon. And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he . You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. A/N: I thought I would give each member a different part of your request, so I hope this is what you were hoping for ︎. Scene: You two were bantering back and forth like usual and you actually win this time around. you were doing community service for your school when the most handsome man you’d ever seen walked in the door. “Don’t be so modest, baby, this is so much hard work of yours, you should be proud!”. You two met at the age of 15 when you moved to Korea. . #bts. It floats to his ears, light as doves’ feathers. Jungkook teased and gave you a hug. Namjoon would guide you over to the couch and pull you to his chest. We’ve got to go,” you said softly, trying to wake Yoongi up from his nap. That’ll bruise later. “You’re beautiful inside and out, please smile for me (y/n). You silently cursed at yourself for being so weak and susceptible to his tricks. Originally posted by aestheticvbts. He stares down at you watching the cute quirks you have while sleeping. He would treat you like a normal person and would try to ignore the details about your videos. Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan. As mentioned in Hoseok’s reaction, you convince Jungkook to call you noona/hyung after you do some serious aegyo to him, and your puppy dog eyes . This is the first time he’s heard you sing. “Y/N!”. The water glistened against his skin and only made the outline of his muscle look more protruding. Y/N: You just had to do you, didn’t you?! I can’t stand this! I can’t stand YOU ! Hoseok: No, this is all your fault ! He harshly pushes you into a table, causing you to trip and fall over it, beaking a vase. “Shut up you “Charlie Puss” headass. The first thing you see when you enter the coffee shop are three school girls currently taking up all the room in the booth, effectively trapping in a very red faced Jungkook. Suga: Not happening. Search: Bts Reaction To You Being Sassy. Shock. Taehyung would probably be turned on by the sight, but he definitely didn’t want to wake you. You get all comfy in your bed sheets and excited to finally get a whole night’s worth of rest. “Tell me what’s wrong and I promise I’ll find a solution. A/N:Aww thank you ~minhanh ~~~~ Xiumin- “You’re so hot when you’re sassy” Originally posted by mminseok. Ask: could you possibly write a bts reactions where they and y/n learn twice dances? I think it would be really cute, thank you! a/n: Thank you for requesting this. “But I don’t want you to get sick too. He didn’t realize until he heard a little noise come from your soft, slightly opened lips. He could feel himself growing hard as his gaze was suddenly drawn to your exposed legs. He would find it a little funny when you would get confused about someone telling you to get something and only using a colour to instruct you. #bangtan. You stood up from the couch and smiled, “I don’t know what you want me to say. Seokjin: Originally posted by tescodisxo. You cut yourself in the shattered glass as you try to stand up. “How could you?”. Thank you for the love anon <3333 Here’s your adorable request :) <3. He would be speechless until he started to sass you back. He doesn’t need the music, he’s just . Anonymous: Bts reacts to their s/o being shy around their other members. Jin would notice that you weren’t really talking. #jimin #btsjimin #bts FIRST TIME REACTING TO JIMIN BEING SASSY AF!! (IM SHOCKED)Follow my social mediaInstagram: https://www. He liked how you were around him. “She is sleeping” he mouthed.

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