Bucky barnes imagines. The head-dress being put on on his head, inserting everything that held the power to remove everything that he knew, everything that made up the old Bucky Barnes, not the killer they made him. Summary: You and Bucky met in a party. “Oh” You said, catching a whiff at the time, “Then, I guess it would be. he likes to be the big spoon because he feels like he’s protecting you. Enjoy. Originally posted by bishopl. He shot out of bed at the realization that the noises, screaming, shouting, and thrashing were you. Enjoy :) There will occasionally be some imagines about Steve, stucky, Sebastian, the avengers and some other marvel characters. Shadows wandered. You brought your fingers up to your lips, lightly tracing them. If you have a spare dollar, please, consider supporting my writing. Bucky is a soft boy who lives for cuddling. This is my first ever. “No. 1. Bucky Barnes - Masterlist. R. The slowest of slow burn, but will have a happy ending! Will contain: angst, fluff, smut, hurt/comfort, masturbation, brat wife taming, sweet dirty talk, frottage, bondage, cockwarming, and breeding kink . Request: Hello :) Can you please do a Bucky Barnes imagine where the reader has a nightmare and the avengers try to calm her down but she refuses their help and begs for Bucky since he’s the only one to make her feel calm/safe? Thank you so much! xx Words: 618 Warnings: Mention of nightmares You woke up with a start, breathing heavily. We found him. At first, Bucky thought he was dreaming. Warnings: Fluff. Warning: None except mention of blood. “I’m just glad you put them on yourself and not me. Wish you’d choose me (Bucky Barnes imagine) This is a slight angsty piece but ends in fluff and happiness!:) so glad i could participate lovely! Warnings n stuff: 18+, avenger!bucky barnes, avenger!female reader, slight angst, fluff, happy ending, violence, bombing, guns, mentions of Hydra, petnames (blossom, babydoll), let me know if i missed any!! imagines by kesia Cuddling with Bucky Barnes Would Include Originally posted by bishopl Bucky is a soft boy who lives for cuddling he doesn’t want to be touched at first but once he trusts you all day, every day he wishes he could be holding you he likes to be the big spoon because he feels like he’s protecting you Bucky Barnes Imagine. Summary: It all started with a hook up, then another one and then Bucky was done for. The stars no longer shone, and a thick blanket of clouds completely covered the moon. “Ah,” Bucky said, looking at his watch, “Well then it’s time for me to head out, mi amour. Bucky immediately walked forward and introduced himself. Despite giving him enough reasons to stay . +. Other Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Avengers. “Fine. S. Bruce, Clint Thor, Peter, and Sam and would've cared less, they treated him like a normal member. A Bucky x Reader where the reader falls into really really cold water during a mission, and later at the Avengers tower she gets so sick she faints and Bucky takes care of her? You ran after the agent as quick as you could through the 2 inches of snow that covered the ground. Bucky pulled away from you after about four minutes, a smirk on his face, as he still caressed your jawline softly with his thumbs, staring at you cheekily. 4k. You tried to bring your breathing back to normal, whenever he kissed you it felt breathtaking. Summary: your with Bucky Barnes and he suffers from bad dreams. 7. pairing ; bucky barnes x shield agent!gn!reader. “I’m following the agent West towards the water . First published Nov 21, 2017. But Y/n has a boyfriend and a secret and a wedding to go to in Rome. - AU. She’ll probably want to see her son as soon as we rescue him,” Tony said. “You need to come with us though . Cuddling with Bucky Barnes Would Include. Work starts up again early tomorrow. Calling Steve dad and Bucky папа which means dad in Russian; Bucky cuddling up with you or having innocent conversations with you when he has a nightmare; In your younger years you would crawl up on Bucky while he was sleeping and use your color coated magnets to practice spelling out different words with the help of your dad Request: Can I have a Bucky x reader where they are married and he comes home after a long mission to see her in the kitchen cleaning and she runs and hugs him because she missed him so much that she starts crying. 5/7/22 update outer banks imagines obx fanfiction obx imagines spencer reid x reader criminal minds imagines marvel imagines Bucky barnes x reader damon salvatore x reader the vampire diaries imagines daryl dixon x reader peter parker x reader JJ maybank x reader Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. He hears your cries like a knife being jabbed into his heart. Chris Evans . “That’s for you! I saw it and just thought it was too cute with the little alien and spaceship and stars. Navigation and Actions An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. (NOT SAFE FOR RAMADAN) A collection of imagines I can only wish would happen. Bucky Imagine. Requested: Anonymous. The 1 (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Words: 2. We found Luke,” He said. I tried writing something. 1k This is the first of a new series I’m doing of one-shots based on Taylor Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore. *flashback*. But he was awake, he’s in the Avengers compound, in his own bed, and the screams were coming from the room next to his own. “C’mon Y/n, stay with me! It’s not your time!” he yelled, he kept pressing on your chest, his hands were trembling just with the idea of losing you. These are the ones that usually have sequels or different parts to them and are the most desired. Video of Bucky Barnes - My Body Is A Cage for ファン of Bucky Barnes (winter soldier). I love you" +. I made this imagine because I’m feeling kinda down and writing helps me with . Read Mine (Bucky Barnes X Reader) from the story Marvel Imagines by Kaila_Falcon (↫ Kaila Falcon ↬) with 1,670 reads. 9 hours, 28 minutes 9h 28m. Warnings: Light angst, fluff. The Past Hurts ~Bucky Barnes Imagine~. Bucky asked, putting down the sandwich and making a show of crossing his arms in front of his chest. The rest of the team was making their way towards the both of you, once they saw Bucky . Here’s the one for Cap’ : Baby Rogers, for Wolverine : Baby Logan, and for Batman : Baby Wayne. “I-“ You took a deep breath, walking closer to him. Yes, you might have felt warmth. he doesn’t want to be touched at first but once he trusts you. a/n: Requests are open!!! Originally posted by buckybarnesj. Word Count: 1. imagines, shang-chi, clintbarton. These imagines are work of fiction. Summary: Awoken after a nightmare, Bucky calls Y/N. Your laugh floating throughout the room. Bucky Barnes x Reader. Summary: Training with Bucky was part of your daily routine, until one day he unwittingly loses his mind and ends up hurting you really, really bad. 2k words. He fell in love headfirst, no warning and no end to it anytime soon. S: Hello guys. My imagines have a 600-800 word limit. He notices that’s she scarily skinny and pale (like Steve used to be when he was sick). Bonus: Reader has super powers! :D. Word count: 1292. all day, every day he wishes he could be holding you. ~. Inspired by: Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur. He kissed the back of your hand, sighing as he looked at your sleeping face. A lazy Sunday morning, Bucky woke up to the sound of FRIDAY informing him to get dressed and meet the other Avengers in the living area. No light broke through . First published Aug 18, 2018. You teased, another laugh escaping you. . (I'll also take requests just message me) Bucky Barnes - B. They get better, I promise. Series: Roman Nightmare. “It’s nice to see you again, grandma. Author’s Note: First imagine of 2018. Steve and T'Challa get him out of Cryo to help them get her, but when they do, she’s in a bad state, has a much harder time thinking/ saying things. I miss you and your cuddles" you whined. Work Search: tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit) 1 - 20 of 13349 Works in James "Bucky" Barnes/Reader. Warnings: -swearing -kissing -not the best grammar. Complete, First published Nov 21, 2017. “She’s probably still at the park. “Now, who’s this handsome young man. "Ok good. P. Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader, Bucky Barnes/You. The darkness was dooming. Bucky Barnes Imagine. B. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female/ Reader. Thanks! Originally posted by buckyandwinter. I'll see you when you get home. ” you said observing the grey clouds. A grin slipped on your face as you walked forward and gave her a big hug, kissing her cheek. “It’s very nice to see you again, dear,” she patted your hand, her gaze turning to Bucky. But Bucky refused to believe their words that he is apart of their family. Nothing less. natasharomanoff, steverogers, peterparker. Pairing: Bucky x Reader. You were caught off guard as you looked outside, “Oh look, it started raining. Summary: Bucky never thought he would need to prepare himself for your death one day. 31 st August 2017. You never knew a night could change your whole life that easily. “I’m scared shitless Bucky. "We just finished the meeting and we're walking out of the building now. Warning: Fluff, Angst. He is depressed and he also had a bad start with Reader. This is part of some sort of a serie I write, where the reader is afraid to say she’s pregnant to her s/o basically. Imagine: Imagine sometime after post CW, reader was captured by enemies of Bucky and they torture her. Other Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Jarvis (Human version), Victor “Vision” Jarvis, Peggy Carter. Wanda answers, moving a chess piece. You shot up and Bucky walked over. Here is a collection of Bucky Barnes imagines written by me. Bucky Barnes x reader. Sebastian Stan - S. Warnings: Angst, so much angst. Characters: Wanda (mentioned), Natasha (mentioned), Bucky, Reader, Word counting: 1. There's some other characters thrown in and also Sebastian Stan imagines. themes ; fluff, action, slight angst, s2l/f2l, shield agent au. When Bucky meets you for the first time, he notices something different. Bucky stands, leaning his back against the wall for support, just down the hall. Marriage at first sight – literally –, eventual smut, political marriage, set in the 1940’s, more to be added. Warnings: Starts with fluff, ends with suffering. Don’t hesitate to ask me and throw some requests at me. God, he hoped you were alright. He blew inside of you mouth, giving you air before he then pressed down on your chest once again. “I’m scared shitless . He pulled her close, taking in her familiar scent. Bucky held your hand tightly as you laid in the hospital bed lifelessly. Complete, First published Aug 18, 2018. Go watch my first one about the Winchester’s brothers called Protective brothers. Summary: He broke up with you but your feelings never disappeared. January 29 th 2017. Bucky, you’re bleeding. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. Nothing more than that. The love of your life in your arms, after all these years, all this time you tought he was dead. A/N. The screams were eerily similar to those in his own dreams. You could still hear the screams, still feel their hands . Desperately he wishes he could just go back, hold you in his arms like he's wanted to since the moment he met you and let you soak his shirt with tears. Other Characters: SteveRogers. 6k. words ; 3. 5/7/22 update outer banks imagines obx fanfiction obx imagines spencer reid x reader criminal minds imagines marvel imagines Bucky barnes x reader damon salvatore x reader the vampire diaries imagines daryl dixon x reader peter parker x reader JJ maybank x reader Soft!Bucky turning to Grey and then Dark as the story progresses from pining, jealousy, unrequited love, to forced (real) marriage and noncon. ファン video によって Candice Borgia Bruce, Clint Thor, Peter, and Sam and would've cared less, they treated him like a normal member. “I come in peace,” he reads. He dropped the plums in his hand and hugged her. ”. Summary: You’re a new recruit of the Avengers. Summary : Reader is pregnant with Bucky’s child, and she’s scared shitless of telling him. “Y/N. If it’s on the outside or on the inside. Steve Rogers - S. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, you were never going to let him go again. Bucky stands at the foot of the bed and holds a tee shirt up over his chest. Bucky felt himself freeze as he heard a crash, the phone beeping as he slowly dropped his hand down. Maybe I’ll post a story to this? What do you think? My requests are open. synopsis ; four instances you managed to chip away at bucky's icy heart before he realized he was in love with you. You whispered, you pulled one of his hands away from his chest and held it, not believing in what you were about to admit. Read Headache (Bucky Barnes X Reader) from the story Marvel Imagines by Kaila_Falcon (↫ Kaila Falcon ↬) with 1,870 reads. Complete. He immediately turned and ran out. Torn Apart: Series Masterlist ( Completed ) Summary: Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. But never the same warmth Bucky Barnes give you. when he spoons you he pushes his . 1k. “Oh!” you exclaim and dance over to him. What is the difference between a one-shot and an imagine? My one shots and imagines have word length differences. You crossed your arms and walked over to where you were standing directly in front of Bucky, your eyes narrowed at first but then a large smile broke out across your face. I'll be home in ten" Bucky said, making you smile again. Baby Barnes - Bucky Barnes x Reader. Soft!Bucky turning to Grey and then Dark as the story progresses from pining, jealousy, unrequited love, to forced (real) marriage and noncon. “Y/N” Steve squeezed your hand. Thursday, 20 February 2020. You love space!”. A/n: Hey guys here’s my second imagine. Turns out, he does. My one shots are usually around 800-1000+ words. Bucky ask a bit mad. Bucky enters the shared common space of the Avenger’s tower where Nat, Steve, Wanda, & Vision were, “She said she was going out to grab a coffee and a quick walk around the park, but she’s not back yet and I haven’t heard from her. ” Bucky walk to your guy’s room and saw you lying on the bed, watching videos of you guys with your son. Some. “Yeah”. When he came back from a mission covered in blood, your heart ached. I do not own any of the characters nor places that Marvel have created and will never claim so. She still smelled like flowers and vanilla, she Always had. "I love you too" Bucky said before ending the call. So he asks her if she’s sick as she says “I don’t sleep or eat when you aren’t here . Word Counting: 220 words. Warnings: has the word arse in. kiwitoasted. After getting to know you over time, you tell him the truth. Search Works. I'm bored and miserable. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Word counting: 1. Second Chance For A Normal Life: Series Masterlist ( Completed ) Summary: Bucky is struggling with his life after he came back from the army.

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