What rear end came in a 1966 mustang. Ford Mustang 1966, 15" Replica 5-Slot Chrome with Black Accents Steel Factory Wheel by Scott Drake®. [php snippet=2] Assembly Plant Code Plant F Dearborn, MI R San Jose, CA T Metuchen, NJ Body Style Code Body Style 07 Hardtop 08 Convertible 09 Fastback Engine Code Engine A 289-4v C 289-2v K 289-4v Hi-Performance T 200-1v Body Code Body Body Style Interior Seats Special 63A Fastback Standard Interior Bucket Seats 63B Fastback Continue reading 1966 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet → 1966 Ford Mustang - Project '66 - '65-'66 V-8 Rear Suspension Conversion/Upgrade When converting to V-8 power, the suspension and the brakes have to be able to handle it Mark Houlahan Writer The 289 Windsor V8. 00; Rear HQ Series . 8 rear ends have a rear cover plate, making usual gear changes an in the car project. Made of premium quality materials For exceptional quality and everlasting durability. . 20 and the race axle packages begin at $439. GM Tri 5 55-57 Chevy Complete 9" Rear End Package. 25". SKU: . Backspacing: 4. Rear Axle Shaft Passenger Side Mustang 8" 28-Spline 1965-1966. 1974 Maverick 8″ Rear-end. I do not get into the full-blown restomod or racing upgrades . 1966 Ford Mustang Original 289. Restored classic 1955 Thunderbird. Prices of 1964 1/2 Mustang hardtops range in price from about $6,000 to $25,000, with the average value being $18,000. The Most Comprehensive Information on the 1966 Mustang. 5x15" (heavy duty station wagon steel rims) or 6x15" Crager Chromed rims. Given the price differential between the standard Mustang Fastbacks and the genuine Shelby versions, identification of an original car is essential for any prudent . Transmission: Auto. 5-Inch axle from 1983-1989. 25 inches; 1977-1981 Versailles 58. Mileage: 58,185. The cover is not quite square, measuring about 10 1/2 inches high by 11 inches long (the 7 1/2-inch rear end uses a cover that measures 10 9/16 inches square). Position Product Name Price Popularity Recommended. GM G-body 78-87 Complete 9" Rear End Package. 00] 1966 Ford Mustang Axle Information & Ratios. Optional heavy duty driveline comes with 4. The HP came with a 3. The standard chassis configuration features a steel front subframe with double wishbone front suspension and 3-link rear with torque arm and Panhard rod for lateral stability. BELIEVED 78,104 ACT'L MILES, 289CI V8, 3SPD AUTO, PWR STEER, RUNS & DRIVES WELL! We all love the original pony car as a true collectible. Mustangs have used limited-slip differentials on-and-off throughout the years. Just a few parts to replace will cost significantly less than lots of parts to replace. Comp Cam 268H 9. Exterior: Mineral Gray Metallic. * The Most affordable shell on the market! * Available years 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968. 13-inch bore and stroke. 1951 through 1956 F-100 – Spicer-Dana 44 >. 73 rear gears. 08 rear gears, but the Cobra R Mustangs came with 3. Sauterne Gold 1966 Mustang hardtop owned by Martin Cooper from St Albans, United Kingdom. The road-testing conducted with the 1966 GT350 drop-tops did, however, prove the viability of a convertible in the Shelby line, and as a result, both GT350 and GT500 second-gen convertibles would be sold beginning in 1968. Chrome rocker trim and chrome rear quarter ornaments were deleted. Ford never did this in 65 or 66. 89:1 gear ratio, and 28-spline axles. 5” rear end went into all 4 cylinder (2. " The rear seat returned and more colors were offered on 1966 Shelby Mustangs, making them more consumer-friendly. 8" rear end housing is the same from '86-'98. Replacing the rear differential entirely costs a whole lot. OEM Part Number: 55001 FEL. It is VERY clean, no oil leaks and no grease anywhere. 8 rearend means . 73, DD is 3. Add to cart. One outer wheel arch removed (just begining preparation for new wheel tubs). The 3. The door data tag on this car reads 65A hardtop body style, 4 Silver Frost exterior paint color, 25 red interior with red trim, 22K assembled on the 22nd of October, 25 ordered in the Richmond area, F 2. 89:1 and a tight 4. An example is the 9-inch Philco TV, which first showed up in August 1966 in the 1967 accessory catalog, along with the C5 rear-seat courtesy light kit and the optional hood scoop. 25 inches; 1967-1970 Mustang 59. 1971-1973 Mustang 61. Exceptional Quality. It was shipped in March 1966 to Metke Ford Motors of Bellevue, Washington . The car also features a four-speed manual transmission and front disc brakes. 50. 5 seconds and a top speed of 123mph, this classic offered a rapid wind-in-the-hair motoring . So dig into the details on a drop-top legend that's priced within reach. '67 to '70 Mustang/Cougar 8 cyl. Factory A/C. Ford Mustang GT. Keywords: Axle Shaft Flange Gasket, Rear Axle. *1994-1998: Cobras have 3. 25 inches to 61. 1 L)), a high stall torque converter for the standard automatic transmission, and a low, 2. This is a 1966 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350H. Old 1966 Mustang in a junkyard. When the Mustang first launched, it came with the option of a limited-slip differential. I have built the car through the years as a driver (300+ HP, OHD, Air,etc. 55 rear gears, but the automatic turbo coupes came with 3. It's a two-owner car where the mileage and V8 power are even believed to be original to this car! The story on this coupe is that it was with . The car is a 1966 Ford Mustang, Auto, V8 289, and the ONLY modifications to the car thus far is a Detroit Locker rear end with 3:73 gears and wider mag tires. This Ford Mustang 1964. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WDY-A, A1: Comet '66-69 Fairlane '66-70 Falcon '66-70 Position Product Name Price Popularity Recommended. When you get custom rims for that very special vehicle of yours, you. Ford’s changes to the 1966 Mustang were largely cosmetic. 1966 Mustang 2+2 fastback The 1966 Ford product line were great looking vehicles. 45 rear gears DID NOT come in the 1985-1986 SVO. This particular Ford 8”rear end originally came out of a 1975-77 Ford Maverick. 25" WMS-to-WMS. Light and Lively V-8s Ford Mustang GT. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www. 31 spline axles were only used in the Group II race cars. 20 and included either the 225hp 289ci or the 271hp hi-performance 289ci V8 engine; dual exhaust; fog lamps; special ornamentation; disc brakes; GT racing stripes; and handling package components. 289 V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor (Originally 2-barrel, but no skin off my nose because 4-barrel gets more horsepower and is more efficient. They all had one, and, no other Mustang had one. 11:1). 5:1 Speed Pro Pistons. The Mustang 8. Could someone help me find the location on a 1965/66 rear end housing where the vent tube fitting comes out of the rear end? I replace my 1966 8" rear end with a 1957 9" rear end (the 8" is long gone). The 8/9" rear ends have what is called a pumpkin (think that term came about because the rear end assembly was painted an orange/red) removable from the axle at the front and allowed you to swap rear end gears real easy. Lifting the Mustang’s hood reveals an A-Code 289ci V8 that produced 225hp in its prime. 6L and 5. The Mustang was indeed the hot car of the day. Set Ascending Direction. calebjacobs0611. 68 x 3. Ford Mustang 1966, Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kit by Right Stuff®. and the stock fox axles were shorter because it came with drums right? . The car now sits level on the floor. 8-inch rear end, after 1979, with a variety of gear ratios and in both limited slip and open differential configurations. The car hydroplaned and spun . Mustang Is A Registered Trademark Of The Ford Motor Company. Same car is now restored to "as new" but 3 speed tranny swapped out for 4 speed back in the mid '80's, with tach dash, original Equalock rear, Koni's, Opentracker UCA, LCA, roller perches and idler arm, roller bearing pedal cluster, Cibie headlights, 4100 carb . 1966 GT350 Specifications. Its 90-horsepower 2. This identification guide has been written for the Mustang Shelby GT350 produced in 1966. AP Racing Competition Brake Package (+$13,750) Chassis. safercar. We had to pull apart the rear part of the car in order to fix some kinks in the frame. Last summer, 16-year-old Harold Gielow fell in love with a 32-year-old--a classic Ford Mustang. ) 3 speed Automatic transmission. 3:1 9. GM A-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages. LAKE PARK, MINNESOTA, June 4, 2021: The remain of the old Mustang car is a product of the Ford Motor Company located in Dearborn. # 4088900066. The 1966 Ford Mustang measures 68. When the 2015 Ford Mustang finally goes on sale this fall, it will be the first time in the pony car's 50-year history that every example will sport an independent rear suspension system. From 1990-2011, all 4. Application. And one car currently listed is incredibly unique. 25 inches; 1971-1973 Mustang 61. I did my 1966 Ford F600 dirty when I called it "a hodgepodge of Blue Oval trucks" a few weeks back. Silver Frost 1966 Mustang hardtop with steel styled wheels, rocker panel metal trim, and a 289ci V8 engine. Rating: 87 %. Ford 8 3. The 1966 models came with a dual-exhaust exiting in the rear. On July 15, Harold was driving his beloved 1966 Mustang in the rain. 00; 1964-1966 Mustang StreetGRIP Front Adjustable MonoTube Shocks - Pair $ 450. 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe 289. 00 View All Reviews. 30 over. Rear TQ Series CoilOver for 1967-1970 Mustang & Cougar $ Rear TQ Series CoilOvers - 1964-1966 Mustang - Pair $ Rear TQ Shockwaves 4" Diameter Sleeve, 5. 50, 3. We show the best and worst. 40 trac-loc rear end. 73, CC is 2. If . 1966 Mustang Production Information. The full year of 1965 Mustang production introduced the fastback body style, was priced between the affordable hardtop and convertible, and sported a wildly sloped roofline with unique rear glass and decklid. 1967-1970 Mustang 59. Options include; A-code V8 motor with the smog system still installed, automatic C4 gearbox, 3. It was then installed in a 1940 Ford Tudor hot rod only to be removed for an upgrade to a Ford 9” rear end when the vehicle changed ownership. "Joel bored it 0. Model Year Research. This option wasn’t tied to a particular package, but was notated on the data plate. 1966 Mustang Parts. The available gear ratios for the 9 inch in 66 were 3. 040-over to clean up the cylinders, so it's now a 204," Vern says. The original car was used as a parts car back in the 70's. And there is something very different about this Mustang. This photo is of a 12-bolt housing using the larger Ford 9-inch- style bearing. A '65/'66 bare housing is 52. Currie Ford 9-inch rearends are built to match the vehicles original equipment axle width, pinion location, suspension mounting . This is Ford’s V8 90 degree overhead valve engine that everyone wanted in the first few Mustang years. Associated Years: 1966-1968. Modified frame rail (on the right of picture) to fix dodgy welding & bent spring support. Rear-end track width measurements of classic American cars including Chevrolet, Ford, and Mopar vehicle rear axle widths. Welcome to our data center. 55, GG is 3 . Kit includes a complete set of decals for one vehicle. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 02. The end result, especially when equipped with Ford’s K-code small block V-8, gave the Mustang a more performance-oriented feel compared . #1. (All F-1/F-100s used the 5 X 5 � " bolt pattern) 1948 through 1950 F-1 – Spicer-Dana 41 >. 3mm. Keep in mind as mentioned, the Fairlane spring perch distances were not the same as the Mustang. 2" Stroke For Ridetech 4-Link $ Weld-on axle bracket for RideTech 4-Link - Each $ 75. Complete Your System. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WEM-A: Bronco '66-'71: 4. Depending on the application, the rear end may be heavier duty, be made of high performance materials or have a locking differential. 00 Choose Options Build your 9" Ford Housing. I did quite a bit of searching for the right rear end for my 1966 Mustang. From the moment of its introduction at the World's Fair in April 1964, the Mustang had immediately become the vehicle to have, appealing to young and young-at-heart alike. The 99-01 and the 03-04 Mustang SVT . 80:1 gearset, and the regular four-barrel V-8 with a 3. This is your center for all things 1966 Ford Mustang related. 1962 Mustang Concept I. This is an original axle housing from a 1966 K-code Mustang. The car must have been in a rear end collision at some point. You can order a "Wheel Kit". (The left over 1965 models came with either the silver-painted steel rims or Cragar mags. C. 3. This could run the bill up from the $200-$400 range to $600-$800. Narrowing a Ford 9” rear end for a 1964. 57. Nine inch Ford rear ends came in many widths and configurations. 5-1966 Mustang. This 1966 Ford Mustang hot rod was restored and won the best stance award in an NMRA event. Some of the stand out equipment of this stunning steed includes 14″ Magnum 500 wheels, front disc . The driveline of K Codes was built with a high performance clutch, suspension, drive shaft, and rear differential. 1966 Ford Mustang - Project '66 - '65-'66 V-8 Rear Suspension Conversion/Upgrade When converting to V-8 power, the suspension and the brakes have to be able to handle it Mark Houlahan Writer The other is the width of the complete rear end with the axles installed, wheel mounting surface-to-wheel mounting surface or WMS-to-WMS. The cost of replacing a rear differential depends on the degree of the repairs that need to be done. 1967 Mustang Parts. 00:1 Rear End; GT Equipment; Repainted in Tahoe Turquoise; Mustang Is A Registered Trademark Of The Ford Motor Company. The most important reason to go with the 9-inch, as Strange sees it, is the peace of mind that you get in regards to racing. 0. 1965-1966 Ford Mustang 8 inch 5 Lug Rear differential V8 quantity. 64-66 Mustang Rearends. 99. 1948 through 1952 F-2&F-3 – Timken. Newest [ April 24, 2022 ] 2022 AHRA No Name Nationals at Jeffers Motorsports Park, Sikeston, MO Car Shows & Events The 8. GM Chevy S10 82-04 Complete 9" Rear End Package. 8″ Rear-end but Narrower Alternative. GM F-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages. 1964-1966 Mustang StreetGRIP Lowering Front Coil Springs -Dual Rate - Pair $ 235. Notes. The previous owner put $4,500 into the body work and . 20 and included the high-performance 271hp (at 6000rpm), 289 cubic inch, V8 engine; dual exhaust; fog lamps; special ornamentation; disc brakes; GT racing stripes and handling package components. If you wanted the two barrel setup, you . We also had to lower the passenger side floor pans 2 inches. 73 ratio w/ manual trans, 3. Ford offered more potent packages in 1966, but with a potential ¼ mile ET of 15. applied "26 years ago for the original owner by an old man in a barn," came back to life with color . The Ford 9-inch rear end first came out in 1957 in both passenger cars and Ford half ton pickups. Ford anticipated they would sell around 100,000 units a year, and were somewhat unprepared when they received 22,000 orders in the first day alone! That initial success would continue, with 418,812 Mustangs sold in the first . Only show this user. GM Truck Complete Rear End Packages. Ford used various rear differentials in their trucks from 1948 through 1960. Wheel. 00; Rear HQ Series CoilOvers - 1964-1966 Mustang - Pair $ 780. Ford Mustang (1979-2011) Ford Ranger (1983-2011) For the purpose of this article, we’re only going to discuss the Ford Ranger and Bronco II. Other places are like these pictures, 2 separate cables that go to the equalizer. So some places say '66 has a single cable that loops through the equalizer. Rear differential assembly (’65-’66 ‘Stang 8″ diff. All Ford Rangers came with a 7. Ford Mustang Complete 9" Rear End Packages. The massive rectangular tail lamps created a very stylish and recognizable look for the models’ rear end that most consumers thoroughly enjoyed. Ring Gear And Pinion. Advance Design Trucks seem to be using rear ends with widths ranging from 58"- 62". Here’s the car: 1966 Mustang Hardtop. 1966 Ford Mustang Research Center. 5-1966 got away, but there are more like it here. 60 inches in length, and has a wheelbase of 108. 11, along with some special set-ups for the Detroit Lockers that went into some Shelbys. It had a 9. 00:1 cog. Up front, Koni shocks and Cobra drop spindles stick . 50 inches; 1967-1973 Mustang, Torino, Ranchero, Fairlane 9-inch 59. It was produced as part of 1,000 examples that were part of a partnership between Ford and the Hertz rental company. personally for more details or autographs. ) that makes cross country trips. 20:1 axle, two-barrel V-8s a 2. They were mechanically identical to other six-cylinder Mustangs, but had a chrome air cleaner and a special engine decal which read "Mustang powered Sprint 200. Year Model. or. 5/8. The Car – Nightmist Blue ’66 Ford Mustang Hardtop. 5 rear end. 5-inch or 8. *Roller assembly is $650 extra. In 66, the K codes were the only Mustangs to get a nine inch rear end. Ford Mustang Base / Shelby GT-350 / Shelby GT-350H Convertible 1966, Convertible Inner Floor Frame Support by Scott Drake®. This 2000 Mustang 3. The standard wheel on the cars after 252 left over cars was a 14" Magnum 500 wheel. In '57, all the 9-inch rear ends had a 3/8" NPT drain plug in the bottom (sump) of the rear end housing. 3 Reviews. From our in depth guide to technical drawings and everything in between, you can find it here. Support has sharp bends with good definition. 99 ea. 00 inches. Axle Widths: 1965-1966 Mustang 57. The 289 Windsor V8. It only does this when turning sharp right. 8-Inch axle. 1953 through 1955 F-250&F-350 – Timken. 8” rear end in the Mustang. For 1966, the Mustang again was offered in three body styles - coupe, convertible, and fastback. The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. The 9” Ford rear axle, so called because of a 9” ring gear diameter, is the choice of many circle track racers because of its strength, availability and ease of maintenance. Ford 9 Inch Rear End Widths and Potential Donors. In addition, the letters “MUSTANG 2+2” were added to the lower front fender on the Fastback. 5" H Pipe, Flowmaster 40S. 80:1 rear axle ratio, and 1 3 speed manual transmission. Currie ® Ford 9-inch rearends for 1964 thru 1966 Mustangs and Cougars, provide a direct bolt-in solution for those looking to upgrade the rearend of their classic muscle car or restomod build. Weight: 3 pounds. Martin says that it was imported to the UK in January 2008 and that it was in good original order with high spec. MADE IN AMERICA. Item Quantity Size: 1 EA. Bolt Pattern: 5 x 114. 1966 Mustang GT350H Side Stripe Kit - Gold. Clutch Posi; Truetrac / Helical Posi; Locker-----Exclusive 9" Gear Ratios-----Ford. Prices, Options, Stats, and Codes. Ford authorized an outfit doing business as Beverly Hills Mustang Limited to produce the odd machines for just a year or two. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: '67 to '70 Mustang/Cougar 6 cyl. . All Ford Bronco II’s (1984-1990) came with a 7. The perches have been moved closer together and reinforced. and 9 inch rear axle. 50:1 rear-axle ratio and was the only engine available with the "short" (high-numerical) gearing favored by drag racers (3. Mustang Rear Suspension Guide – Step By Step. Ford Mustang 1965-1966 Complete 9" Rear End Package Write a Review Price Your Price: $1,995. Produced from 1957 to 1987 by the Ford Motor Company, it was used in full size Ford, Mercury and Lincoln passenger cars, ½ ton pickups and vans and even in some . To celebrate, Ford released the Sprint 200 Mustang. Edelbrock RPM Performer Heads; bored . Use of 1/2 fibreglass rod to make sure both rear frames line up with the Mustang body. There are, however, a few subtle changes that can be implemented to make it even better. The interior color selection increased to 34 options for maximum customization. The 1967 model marked the first major Mustang redesign. Oct 25, 2007. Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH): 12in x 12in x 4in. Size: 4"W x 2 7/8"H x 29"L. This will be my first exploration into doing any type of engine work to the car and am just looking for a place to start learning. The basic leaf-spring-style rear suspension used on early Mustangs is simple, yet it has provided good performance and reliability for many years. The car featured a redesigned chrome grille and came standard with backup lights and lower rocker panel molding. 8″ rear (3. 89, and 4. Nobody knows how many of these unique Mustang trucks were custom-built—all based on the 1966 . If you have any questions, call 515-232-0126 and we will be happy to help! Housing Center Piece Housing Upgrades Drain and Fill Plugs w/ Jack Pad [+$55. The first table is the code and gear ratio. 25 inches Mustang Is A Registered Trademark Of The Ford Motor Company. Rear brake lines and hose that are attached to the rear differential assembly. is only one I know will exactly fit but a ’57-’59 9″ will fit, ’77-’80 Lincoln Versailles/Merc Monarch/Ford Granada (LMF) bolts in but a bit wide axle to axle face). All 1979-1985 Mustangs featured the 7. 0L Ford Rangers came equipped with a 8. Typically the more splines the better up to a point. The only 8 inch Axle housing with 5 Lugs that is a direct bolt in for your car using all the factory stock parts is one from a 1964 1/2, 1965, or 1966 Mustang V8. A 10-bolt rear cover with 7/16-inch bolts is the easiest way to identify this unit. The vent tube fittings are in different locations on the rear end and I had to make custom brake lines for it to work before. The GT also featured the Hi-Po 289 Emblem, making it easy to spot one of these V-8 classics on the road. 8L). The ’94-2004 Mustang came with three main rear axle variants. 25 inches. Last year with the OHD, the stock gear was a little to high for the mountains from Indiana to . NL. $228. Aside . 25" flange-to-flange and a complete '65/'66 rear end is 57. 2:1 compression ratio, and used a single-barrel Autolite carburetor to make 120hp and 190-lbs ft of torque. In reality, the 300 . New sill chassis components sitting in place within the new outer sills (not welded yet). GM B-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages. Limited Slip Differential : $ 41,60 : Rally-Pac - Clock/Tachometer : $ 69,30 : Special Handling Package - 200 and 225 HP V-8 Engines - includes increased rate front and rear springs, larger : front and rear shock absorbers, 22 to 1 overall : steering ratio, and larger diameter front stabilizer bar: $ 30,64 : Wheels, Styled Steel 8-Cylinder . Quick ID guide for the Ford 8 in. 1966 was also the first year Mustang featured standard backup lights. Code. 00; Outer Tie Rod End, E-Coated - 1964-1966 Mustang V8 (Manual or Power Conversion) - Each $ 30. But few come with as good documentation as this 1966 Ford Mustang. Ford 8" Complete Center Section / Third Member. 5 diff 3. Starting in 1986 Ford introduced the popular 8. Farming out the narrowing process: When I first looked into this project, I got price quotes for farming the project out to a local machine shop. Sixes came with a 3. All the Galaxies I have seen from throughout the 1960’s used the 9-inch rear, regardless of engine size. 10 ratio, 35 spline axles, S-Trac helical torque-biasing limited slip differential, 1350 yoke, finned aluminum differential cover . At the time, several years ago, I was quoted between $175 and $250 to have a larger 9” unit narrowed up. The Mustang project is finally moving along again. Interior: Black. While those models are highly coveted today, they are nowhere near as desirable as the four 1966 GT350 convertibles produced. The early production versions are often referred to as "1964½ models" but all Mustangs were advertised, VIN coded and titled by Ford as 1965 models, though minor design updates in August 1964 at the formal start of the 1965 production year contribute to tracking 1964½ production data separately . The manual turbo coupes came with 3. 0-liter V-4 engine propelled it to 60 mph in 10 seconds. The earliest recorded build dates for the 1966 model year are 16Aug65 for Dearborn and San Jose, and 25Aug65 for Metuchen. Several changes to the Mustang occurred at the start of the normal 1965 model year production, five months after its introduction. Measuring just 154 inches long, it weighed a mere 1200 pounds. NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Air conditioning was not available on the 'E' model. The exhaust was a single exhaust pipe with a single inlet/outlet transverse mounted muffler behind the axle and in front of the gas tank. Axle Width. Rear Axle Shaft Driver Side Mustang 8" 28-Spline 1965-1966. 00. VIN #: 6R07C119120. 00:1 Rear End; GT Equipment; Repainted in Tahoe Turquoise; Modified frame rail (on the right of picture) to fix dodgy welding & bent spring support. History of the 1960s Ford Mustang. The certification plate can be located on the lock face of . Ford cars and trucks from 1968 on have an axle code on the Certification Plate, information on this plate can be used to determine if you vehicle is factory equipped with a limited slip positraction rear end - differential. These dimensions do not include brake drums and are measured from backing plate to backing plate. 31 w/ automatic), Traction Lok™ limited slip differential, 31 spline axles, and single disc clutch (M/T) are standard. The Right Stuff Detailing Disc Brake conversion kits are the most complete on the market. From 1986-2010 the Ford Mustang 8. 33:1 rear axle ratio. 3L) and V6 Mustangs (3. The first Mustang was a two-seat, mid-engine sports car with a tubular frame, aluminum skin, and a fully independent suspension. Adding a 31-spline axle to a Ford 8. The engine lineup was changed, with a 200 cu in (3. It was an inline 6 cylinder engine with the block and valve covers painted blue. Weiand Stealth Intake, Holley 600 CFM Carb. Rear axle widths. Tariff Code: 8708947550. The 7. Size: 15" x 7". The stock 8-inch rear end was strengthened up with a Daytona pinion support, posi traction locker with a 3. A classic 1966 Mustang is part of the vintage car show in old downtown Abbotsford, BC, Canada on August 20, 2016. Axles came in 28 or 31 spline versions from the factory. Be the first to review “1965-1966 Ford Mustang 8 inch 5 Lug Rear . Stock #: 211200381C. Decoding the data tag on the rear end will provide the information required when ordering replacement or up-graded parts for the Ford differential inside the rear end. calebjwords. fordmustang66 ♦ 05/19/2015 ♦ 1 Comment. *No rust or damage anywhere! *No bondo or filler on the body shell unless you order it. The Ford Mustang began production five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year. Identifying Ford Vehicles Equipped with OE Traction Rear Ends. 14 gauge adds strength. The GT option was again offered in 1966 it consisted of; manual front disc brakes, grille mounted fog lights, with grill bar, GT gas cap, F70x14 tires, GT rocker paint stripes, GT side emblems, special exhaust trumpets protruding through the rear valance, Special handling components, Standard 5 gauge instrument cluster. Caleb Jacobs View caleb jacobs's Articles. Ford sold more than 607,000 Mustangs in 1966, an incredible number then and an almost unbelievable number today for a two-door car. 5 speed manual ; Body. For example, the new 1966 Ford models offered a unique grille on the XL, LTD and Country Squire Models. The Mustang came from the factory with a 7. This information will change as further information and corrections become available. *2010-2014: The axle codes are as follows - BB is 3. 1975 Mustang II 8″ Rear-end. 3 L) "T-code" engine that produced 120 hp (89 kW; 122 PS). The '99-'04 housing is wider. This quality reproduction 1966 Shelby GT350H stripe kit comes with installation instructions and squeegee. On 17 th April 1964, the Ford Mustang made its debut at the New York World's Fair. Cars > Ford > Mustang > 2000 Ford Mustang favorited favorite favorite_border Base - Convertible 3. It was dependable, economical to maintain, had adequate power and was easily modified. L. MSRP $89. Light and Lively V-8s In addition, the letters “MUSTANG 2+2” were added to the lower front fender on the Fastback. The GT package was very popular in 1966 because the option sold for $152. Most of the '58 & '59 models had the drain plugs too, but after '59 the drain plugs were discontinued (smart move). Quality from top to bottom, this 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 is finished in red with white stripes over a black interior and is driven by a 289ci HiPo V8 engine paired with a Borg-Warner T10 four-speed manual transmission. Early Mustangs have always been popular and are an American icon. The normal factory fold-down rear seat was optional. Springtime Yellow is the factory-correct color. The 200 cubic inch engine was used in Mustangs from 1965 -1970. If you're looking for a stock 1966 Mustang K Code don't expect to find one with air conditioning or power steering. 00; 1964-1966 Mustang StreetGRIP Delrin Control Arm Bushings and Cross Shafts $ 500. 00:1 rear axle, dual exhaust, disc brakes, power steering, working air conditioning, working . Pic is of me and the Mustang taken in May of '67, with original F70-14 Wide Ovals. Mustang E lettering on the rear quarters identified the special Mustang E. It came with a six-cylinder engine (250 cu in (4. 8 rear end went into all V8 Mustangs (5. 1965 - 1966 Mustang; 1967 - 1970 Mustang . The street axle package starts at $379. 49. In stock form, the Mustang's seven-main-bearing, overhead-valve straight-six displaced 200-cu in via a 3. 27 rear gears. In 1965 through 1966, you could get the 289 in either a 2 barrel or four barrel version. REAR SUSPENSION. With an axle code, you can establish your Mustang’s original rear gear ratio and . Precision engineered for your vehicle Tested to outperform all comparable products on the . 0L, 4. On the inside, Ford offered a five-dial instrument cluster with fuel, oil . All years of the 8 inch third members (center section) are the same bolt pattern to the housing, also have the same piñon offset, and stock they are all 28 spline. This 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible is an American icon with a classic style, V8 power, and some cool upgrades. Ford 8. The first 252 GT 350s for 1966 began as 1965 Mustang K-Code Fastbacks. 19-Inch. The ultimate reference center. Typical labor charge for this service is between $100 and $140. 30 inches in width, The 1966 Ford Mustang measures 181. View All Reviews. The Southern California outfit was the single producer of the Mustero. Uni body design is not easy to work with. Anyway the single cable from the brake lever with the ball or barrel on the end just fits in the slot labled BK7. We look at how to determine Equa lok, traction lok and open differentials. While early 1965 cars had black engine blocks, 1966 and later cars had their engines painted the regular factory Ford dark blue. [php snippet=2] Assembly Plant Code Plant F Dearborn, MI R San Jose, CA T Metuchen, NJ Body Style Code Body Style 07 Hardtop 08 Convertible 09 Fastback Engine Code Engine A 289-4v C 289-2v K 289-4v Hi-Performance T 200-1v Body Code Body Body Style Interior Seats Special 63A Fastback Standard Interior Bucket Seats 63B Fastback Continue reading 1966 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet → It came with a six-cylinder engine (250 cu in (4. 56. See Details. GM Chevy S10 82-04 Complete 9" Rear End Package; GM Tri 5 55-57 Chevy Complete 9" Rear End Package; GM Truck Complete Rear End Packages; GM X-Body Nova Complete Rear End Packages-----Posi, Gears & Bearing Kit Packages. A Mustang truck never rolled out of a Ford plant. Seller’s Description: 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe ?Fully restored California Mustang; restoration completed in 2017 ?Fully documented restoration with over $10k in receipts ?Only about 1,000 miles added since restoration . This Shelby side stripe kit includes both right and left hand lower side stripes with GT350H lettering. In fact you can add 5" to the width of most Ford bare rear end housings to determine the width with axles. (so body will roll around) Price may change at any time! DESIRABLE BODY STYLE, 289 V8, 3SPD AUTO, PWR STEER, COOL COLOR COMBO, SHARP RIDE. Air ride system with 4 link CSRP Front Disk Brakes. 5-Inch rear axle. These cars are known as "late 65's," and were built after factory retooling in August 1964. The Mustang design was not changed much for 1966. Minimum Wheel Diameter Required: 381mm (15"). Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WDY-A, A1: Comet '66-69 Fairlane '66-70 Falcon '66-70 It came with a six-cylinder engine (250 cu in (4. Patriot Tri-Y Headers w/ 2. 4L) and the Ford 7. 8-inch is 30% stronger than the 7 1/2-inch and can be used reliably in 300hp or better vehicles. 11: 8 3/4 in: NL: 28 The Ford Mustang began production five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year. 5. Requires the Alumaframe front suspension and a 17" wheel with an "open" center design for adequate caliper clearance. I have a '69 - 9" rear end in my '66 mustang. Note . DESIRABLE BODY STYLE, 289 V8, 3SPD AUTO, PWR STEER, COOL COLOR COMBO, SHARP RIDE. Shelby Mustangs are highly desirable cars, providing an ideal combination or low production numbers, high performance and motorsport heritage. gov. Emergency brake cable. 6 5. Get the best 1967 Mustang Wallpaper on WallpaperSet. 00 Narrowing a Ford 9” rear end for a 1964. This rear end is painted semi-gloss black. And while not as pricey as, say, Corvettes or anything with a Hemi under the hood, values of early Mustangs, especially convertibles, are gaining steadily. All this horsepower didn't come without a price. The retail cost of the housing is $605 and the optional back brace is $185.

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